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Meet the Team

I am very proud and blessed to be headteacher here at Runcorn All Saints and am joined by a fantastic team.

Headteacher: Mrs Robertson

Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs Thurgood




School Secretary: Miss Thorpe

Team Bethlehem Our classes at Runcorn All Saints are split into teams. 

In Team Bethlehem, we have our Reception class with Mrs Mitchell and Miss Jones.


Team Canaan

In Team Canaan, we have Year One and Year Two pupils with Miss Steele and Miss Billingham.


Team Eden

In Team Eden, we have Year Two and Year Three pupils with Mrs Naik, Miss Jones and Mrs Littler.

Mrs Thurgood



Team Galilee

In Team Galilee, we have Year four with Mr Morgan and Mrs McPherson


Team Nazareth

In Team Nazareth, we have Year Five and Year Six with Mrs Winstanley and Miss Shephard.

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